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Why get insoles and orthotics? They ease aches and pains as well as improve mobility and general wellbeing. Orthotics are also used to address pains outside of the foot, such as ankle, knee, hip and back pain. Contact Chiropody by Janet, to discuss your query.

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Our specialised foot care treatments

• Arthritis

• Knee pain

• Diabetes

• Scoliosis

• Plantar fasciitis

• Shin splints

• Flat feet

All our foot assessments and foot treatments are designed to target your foot problems, head-on. Orthotics encompasses the whole of the musculoskeletal system and works by maintaining the optimal or neutral position of the foot.


Get in touch with Chiropody by Janet for various musculoskeletal problems and pain, sports injuries and other problems such as heel, forefoot pain and bunions.

Orthotics for greater comfort

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